Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink Review

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This is a review about a great meal replacement that i love drinking everyday, or when im too busy to make anything.

This meal replacement is called Prograde Lean it comes in the chocolate flavor, its absolute my favorite! who doesn't like chocolate nowadays?? This stuff is really delicious and tasty, I drink about to glasses of this stuff per day just because im an ordinary always on the run kinda guy so it's really convenient for me. This meal replacement is totally packed with everything you could need in a complete meal. It has a whopping 35 grams of high pharmaceutical quality whey protein which really gets you satisfied, 8 grams of filling fiber, 6.8 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids and over 3 grams of the all-important Amino Acid Leucine, also its gluten free! the best thing i like about it, is it just has 4 grams of carbs, now thats something to think about, its fantastic!

Most mornings i usually wake up and get my instant delicious breakfast from the meal replacement drink, its definitely the most easiest meal replacement powder i've ever mixed i just put 2 scoops in my glass and mix it with a spoon, its super easy and the best thing about it is there's no chunks or clumps after mixing it! i've tried other powders and the only way to not get chunks or clumps is using a blender! thats to much time to get it out and set it up, then mix it, and after words, clean it! Most of the time unfortunately, im really in a rush and don't have enough time, i wish i did, but hey, thats why they made this right!

Heres some testimonials from the satisfied customers that have tried or have prograde lean, this ones from "Steve Long, Complete Fitness Results, St. Louis, MO Prograde Marketing Partner" - "I ran out of Lean yesterday so I had to drink my OLD brand this morning. I used to love this stuff and now it's gross compared to Prograde Lean. I'm officially addicted!" this another ones from, "Kelly Blacher, Chino Hills, CA" - " Prograde Protein Powder is sooooo good. I have had other protein powders that were chalky, clumpy and tasted really bad. But Prograde Protein even smells delicious and the aftertaste is really yummy! " see? these customers love this stuff just like me! im telling you, if you just give it a try you'll truly love it too!

If you'd like to give Prograde Lean a try, heres the site:

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Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink Review

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This article was published on 2010/10/15