Soybean Meal Up To Maintain A Strong Masukura Shock

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Soybean meal in June exports of about 40 million tons, mainly benefits the sea, in grain, oil factory pressure slightly slowed down, 7-8 months to reduce set beans, about 300-320 tons per month, June has been locked in the price of oil mill rental stock cheap beans and meal, push back the supply of oil palm by the weak horse big correction plate, vegetable oil market is expected to affect multiple factors such as being weak, temporary meal prices will firm up more.

Futures Quotes: Although the United States set down

overnight, but do not stifle the strong upward soybean meal, today once again Masukura, bang, uplink, the day to maintain a strong feature. As another bright spot in agricultural markets. In addition to market factors, the financial operation of hot spots is also a factor.

Meal opened today for the 3120 main 0909, exactly the same trend and the previous trading day, the morning of MA Department maintain shock Masukura up again in the afternoon, late in the day hit a high of 3194, close to the second highest point of 3190, closing again Zoom to 950 thousand hands, Masukura 65838 hand. Soybean meal contracts to follow the 0909 trend of 1001, but by the soybean and Bean oil Suppression of the weak, or not, but also very strong trading turnover of 80 million contracts. Opening to 2942, relatively low opening price and then quickly pulled up, a time to keep up with the rhythm 0909, at the high point of 3008 hit, to close at 3005, Masukura 28498 hand.

Soybean opened today for the 3726 main 1001, compared with soybean meal Bank on soybean quiet a lot, day to maintain turbulence, there have been short-lived than at the high point of 3733, followed by rapid decline, to close at 3720, the day small fluctuations, turnover was 26 million contracts.

Stock Quotes: East and Nantong meal price of 3430 yuan transactions, the volume of small Feed Factory inventories should be maintained to some extent, and then based on sales replenishment, distributors, traders may be appropriate inventory, then as Sell Situation after another in the callback order, hands should maintain a certain stock.

Action recommendations: As production problems in Latin America, China needs a lot of hot money flows into commodities, the recent soybean meal, soybean oil and other varieties to be strong, but the callback is gradually increasing pressures and demands, to maintain in the long term do more thinking and mastering the operation rhythm, ascribed to lighten up, Buying, deep tone jiacang, more appropriate for the recent operation. In particular, feed mill, medium and long term traders should take up the opportunity to do more in the futures market, spot purchase soybean meal is expected to more profitable, is a rare opportunity recently.

0909 soybean meal, Masukura huge amount of long strong, to prevent circumvention of a callback after a steady increase the risk of more than one can continue to hold low, days of homeopathic action, Buying mainly ascribed open.

1001 may continue to buy soybean oil every callback, days of operation. Every day 1005

soybean Jiancang callback can buy, buy, such as the callback after the rate of deep, medium to long term hold.

Special attention:

Soybean meal feed factories, distributors, traders should not be limited to set the spot oil plant, should follow the market development and business needs, the use of futures market and spot market low-cost high-value business opportunities, and actively enter the futures market to buy into a position is opened in the long-term holding. If necessary, take stock. Greater expected profit. I open a warehousing company for years, then warehouse receipts, cash sales are in the service. <<"Check more exciting content

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Soybean Meal Up To Maintain A Strong Masukura Shock

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This article was published on 2010/10/20